Audition Notice: An Irish Revels

Thank you for your interest in Revels. Our auditions are closed for the 2017 season, but we are always looking for volunteers to help with activities such as ushering.

If you want to help with this season, or know more about the Rocky Mountain Revels, please contact us

Rocky Mountain Revels is continuing a Boulder tradition by presenting An Irish Revels. Revels is an organization that strives to build community through the shared experience of song, dance, and theater in celebration of the traditions associated with the Winter Solstice.

This year's Revels will be performed five times: opening on Friday, Dec 22, then two performances on Saturday, Dec 23, then Dec 26 and 27.

We're auditioning singers and actors at this time for our chorus and for various solo/small ensemble parts.

The audition will consist of:

  • Your choice of Happy Birthday, America the Beautiful, or a folk song in whatever key will make you sound amazing.
  • A couple of diagnostic vocalizations to determine your range, etc
  • If you wish to have a speaking part or lines of dialogue, We will have a brief reading for you.
  • In small groups, I will coordinate a very very VERY basic bit of choreography so I can see how you move/interact with a group.
  • If there's something you enjoy most and at which you excel, you'll have the opportunity to let us know

We also welcome those who wish to participate in supporting activities such as marketing, set building, back stage support.

Cast dues will not be assessed this year, but we welcome and encourage donations.

Note: Rocky Mountain Revels is neither a religious organization nor affiliated with any religious group. We just happen to rehearse in a church.

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Check Back Here About This Year's Show


Our productions range from medieval and renaissance themes to Celtic and Scottish to visits to the American experience such as Appalachian and Pioneer. This year's show (2017) will have a Irish theme.

We have wonderful guest artists each year.

Come join us!

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